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From planning matings & raising young stock, to training and racing at the highest levels, pursuit of excellence is the foundation of everything we do.

Who We Are

If you are looking for a high-quality quarter horse, bred for performance and athletic ability, you have come to the right place.

XCEL Farms is dedicated to raising top performance horses. With a breeding program committed to crossing the best bloodlines in various performance horse industries, XCEL Farms is extremely excited to produce future champions for years to come.

XCEL Farms will focus on producing top performance race horses, team roping horses and barrel horses. Supporting fellow trainers and friends, XCEL Farms also offers a Marketplace available for select individuals with exceptional horses. Call us today to learn more.

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The stewards of this farm have devoted a corner of
their lives to the love of the horse.

What We Do

Breeding Program

XCEL Farm is a breeder of reliable performance horses. We provide top quality sires for our clients. Our intent is to raise performance horses that are suited for the hunter/jumper or dressage rings, and equally are a joy to be around.


XCEL Farm always has a selection of beautiful and talented horses for sale. Raised in a healthy environment and provided with wholesome handling and care, our horses are well equipped for their careers.

We Love To Help

We are willing to share the depth of our experience with you. Do you have questions or any doubts? We can use our network of knowledge and contacts to provide the equestrian advice or answers you are looking for.

Meet The Owner

Cole Morehead is committed to producing top quality performance horses.

Cole Morehead

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Our Horses

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The XCEL Farm strives for excellence both on the racetrack & in the
sales ring, as evidenced by our horses’ accomplishments.

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