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Jwala Devi is a Sanskrit word meaning FIRE GODDESS. Gifted to me in India of 2016 by my Guru, the name encompasses the innate gift of fire that encompasses both myself, and my interactions with the world around me. I naturally embody the divine feminine and ignite others from the inside out in order to help them activate their highest human potential. In my work to serve the collective consciousness, I support spiritually minded women in their practice, life, and business.

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When we embarked on our pilgrimage to India and Nepal we didn’t know what to expect as it was our first time going to this part of the world. Julie Upton as our fearless guide allowed us to have the best possible experience because we didn’t have to worry about anything.  Without her I am pretty sure we would not have made it.  My husband got sick so we stayed in Bodhgaya for an extra amount of time.  Julie got us a meeting with a big Buddhist lama in town which in turn got us invited to 2-weeks of epic Buddhist teachings.  We all had the time to extend our trip so that is what happened.  India is like that…it is best if you have the time to go with the flow.  Having the experience of traveling to holy and magical places of this world was life changing. After the trip we dedicated ourselves more deeply to working for the benefit of others and we couldn’t be happier.  We still say we are on pilgrimage.  We went in one way and came back with a totally different perspective so it feels like we are still on pilgrimage because everything is still moving forward. This was all possible because of our loving and protecting guide and teacher Julie Upton.

Marija K, Russia

The time we spent with Julie Upton opened our hearts and minds to the magical world of India, Tibet and Asia in general.  Julie is not only a great tour guide – which is crucially important in this part of the world – but she also has a deep understanding of the wisdom and knowledge of Yoga and Buddhism. Due to her long and deep study with Tibetan Buddhist Lamas and Indian and Tibetan Yogi’s, Julie can communicate both the historical aspects of the places we visited and their relevant meaning for us today. The combination of being a Western woman with deep connections in this region plus her understanding of Yoga and Buddhism makes her a priceless tour guide.

Peter M, Austria

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Female Deities

“The Great Mother of Wisdom, Prajnaparamita, as well as Yeshe Tsogyal, Vajrayogini, and all possible female deities are each symbolic forms of the ultimate deity. They originate from, and [...]

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